July 1, 1863: At the Jacob Weikert Farm

jacob weikert farm circa

The Jacob Weikert farm, photo around 1890. Library of Congress.

Tillie, Hettie, Sadie, and Mollie didn’t get to rest for long before they found themselves not in such a safe place after all. Taneytown Road was soon filled with Union artillery units rushing north and west across the fields to join their embattled brothers. Tillie watched and remembered:

. . . It was indeed a thrilling sight. How the men impelled their horses! How the officers urged the men as they flew past toward the sound of the battle! . . . Shouting, lashing the horses, cheering the men, they all rush madly on.


Suddenly we behold an explosion; it is that of a caisson. We see a man thrown high in the air and come down in a wheat field close by. He is picked up and carried into the house. . . .


I was not long in learning what I could do. Obtaining a bucket, I hastened to the spring, and there, with others, carried water to the moving column until the spring was empty. We then went to the pump standing on the south side of the house, and supplied water from it. Thus we continued giving water to our tired soldiers until night came on, when we sought rest indoors. . . .

weikert farm

The barn at the Jacob Weikert farm, as it appears today.

It was toward the close of the afternoon of this day that some of the wounded from the field of battle began to arrive where I was staying. They reported hard fighting, many wounded and killed, and were afraid our troops would be defeated and perhaps routed. . . .

Some limping, some with their heads and arms in bandages, some crawling, others carried on stretchers or brought in ambulances. . . . Before night the barn was filled with the shattered and dying heroes of the day’s struggle. (AT GETTYSBURG, pp. 41–44)



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